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Color, Cut, Keratin, and other treatments

Please note:  all of my services are A La Carte, meaning there is no "package pricing".  Color prices do not include blow dry styling, for example.  When booking, select the color service you would like, then you will be prompted to add the blow dry style and any other treatments you would like to add.

Also, prices listed are starting prices.  Extra charges (usually between $15-22) will apply for longer, thicker hair.

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Shine Bright
Highlights and Haircolor

Modern, dimensional hair color and highlights.  Always blended, always customized for you.

All highlighting services include conditioning color gloss and a root melt for the ultimate blend.  Also include hot towel and essential oils, because you are amazing and you deserve it.

Color Confidence

Allover Color $130+

Allover color or root touch up with color gloss to add shine.  Note, allover color is only suitable if you want to enhance your natural color or go a couple shades darker. 

Root Touch Up $100+

A touch up on hair that been previously colored with less than 2 inches of outgrowth.  Good for grey coverage or those who go within a couple of shades of their natural color.

Color Confidence

Color Gloss $100+

Color gloss is like a deep conditioner that enhances your color.  Good for blending grey, and for those who want beautiful color without major commitment.

Shine Bright Mini Highlight $130+

Just a few foils on top of the head, or to create lightness around the face.

Shine Bright Crown Highlight $165+

Natural, sun-kissed highlights, or highlights that cover about half of your head. 

Shine Bright Full Highlight $180+

When you wanna go lighter and brighter all over to be the brightest version of yourself!

If you are looking for a color service that you don't see here, such as Vivid Color, Color Correction, full blonding, or going more than 2 shades darker, I am more than happy to help you, but your service requires a consultation.  Please click the link below to fill my digital consultation form.

Radiant Refresh

 A fresh haircut is a known confidence booster ... even more so when it's tailored to your face shape and unique features.

Radiant Refresh

 Cut And Style $60+

Includes Kevin Murphy shampoo and condition, tailored haircut with shaping and texturizing, and blow dry style.

Basic Cut/Trim $45+

When you just need a trim or basic haircut without customizing.  Includes shampoo and condition, or can be done on clean, dry hair.

Treatments For  Self-Care

For healthy hair, mind, and spirit.  All treatments include hot towel and essential oils, because you deserve the best.  For more information on Keratin Treatments, please see my Keratin page!

Keratin Smooth $150+

Healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair for up to 6 weeks.  Note: 8 hours of downtime are necessary with this treatment. Please email me with any questions.

Keratin Supreme $300+

Healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair for up to 5 months.  Note: 3 days of downtime are necessary with this treatment. Please email me with any questions.

Keratin Texture $200+

Defined, hydrated curls for up to 3 months.  Note: There is no downtime for this treatment.  Please email me with any questions.

Intensive Nourish $55+

High end ingredients and stem cells penetrate dry or damaged hair to repair from the inside out.  Includes detox shampoo, treatment, scalp massage, and hair masque.

Scalp Spa Refresh $90+

60 minutes of you time, designed to soothe dry, itchy scalp and hair that needs some TLC.  Includes scalp scrub, special shampoo, treatment, and hair masque.

Red Carpet Blowout $45+

Kevin Murphy shampoo and condition, followed by a blow dry style that will last you a couple of days.  Perfect for a special occasion or when you just can't be bothered to do your own hair.

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