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Forever Young Box Set

forever young.png

$92.00 (reg price $124.54)
Includes:  Hydrate Me Wash

Hydrate Me Rinse

Young Again Oil

Who needs this box?

Dry hair that's feeling brittle and in need of extra moisture.

Includes hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and weightless hair oil.


Sun Seeker

sun seeker.png

$104.00 (reg price $127.40)
Includes:  Everlasting Colour Leave-In

Young Again Masque

Texture Comb

3 pack scrunchies

Who needs this set?

Sun worshippers who need to protect their hair
before sun, and restore it after sun!

Includes leave-in conditioner for color treated hair,

a rejuvenating hair mask, detangling comb,
and 3 scrunchies.

Surf Seeker Angel

surf seeker angel.png

$92.00 (reg price $104.70)
Includes: Maxi Wash

Angel Masque


3-pack scrunchies

Who needs this set?

Swimmers or surfers who need protection 
from chlorine and salt water, as well as
treatment for after chlorine/saltwater.

Includes detoxifying shampoo, leave-in
conditioner/detangler, a lightweight, nourishing
hair mask, and 3 scrunchies.
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